Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue

Gun violence — injuries and deaths by firearms — is on the rise in the U.S. Learn what it means to understand gun violence as a public health issue today.

A family assembles an emergency kit.

Emergency Essentials: Tips for Assembling a Survival Kit

What emergency essentials should go into a survival kit? Learn why assembling a survival kit matters, and read a checklist for emergency essentials to include.

Person preparing an emergency backpack for a potential disaster.

How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

Do you know how to prepare for a disaster? Learn more about developing emergency plans, gathering supplies, and developing evacuation routes for disasters.

Three industrial hygienists work in a building’s mechanical room.

What Is Industrial Hygiene Consulting?

What is industrial hygiene consulting? Learn how professionals in this field help organizations meet and maintain employee health and safety standards.

A public health analyst leads a team meeting at a conference table in an office.

How to Become a Public Health Analyst

Public health analysts use their expertise to help address population health challenges. Learn more about this profession and what it takes to become one.

A manager in business attire wearing a face mask stands in a hospital corridor with arms folded.

The Role of a Healthcare Manager in Healthcare Operations

Health care needs competent, compassionate leaders. Learn more about what a healthcare manager does and how to become a manager in healthcare operations.

A hospital administrator talks to a physician while walking down a hospital hallway.

What Is an MHA Degree?

What is an MHA degree, and is it worth it? Discover what students can expect from an MHA, degree requirements, and what career paths MHA degree-holders pursue.

Three people in protective gear inspect the safety of an industrial machine.

Environmental Health and Safety Manager: Job Description and Essential Skills

How do environmental health and safety managers help companies keep workers safe? Explore how these professionals protect people and the environment.

Three people in medical attire meet at a hospital conference table.

What Is a Health Consultant?

Considering a career as a healthcare consultant? Explore the duties associated with the profession, and learn about the essential steps to pursuing the role.

A health education specialist prepares to give a presentation to medical staff.

What Is a Health Education Specialist?

What is a health education specialist? Explore how to become a health education specialist and the life-saving programs they create to promote community health.