Why Racism Is a Public Health Issue

Racism limits the ability of people to attain their highest level of health. Learn more about health disparities and why racism is a public health issue.

A hospital administrator meets with colleagues.

Healthcare Marketing: Tips for Branding Your Practice

Healthcare marketing is gaining importance as 43 percent of millennials are looking to change healthcare providers. Discover effective marketing strategies.

A healthcare administrator stands with arms crossed

What Can You Do with an MHA? 5 Healthcare Administration Careers

As the U.S. population expands, the medical field has a growing need for more qualified medical professionals. Also of note, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing projects that the country will experience a shortage of registered nurses that will “intensify” as baby boomers age and require more health care.

A patient advocate helps a patient consult with a nurse.

Why Healthcare Advocacy Is Important

How can healthcare advocacy empower patients? Explore how a Master of Health Administration prepares graduates to thrive in healthcare leadership and advocacy.

A nurse talks with a patient in a headscarf.

How to Improve Cultural Competence in Health Care

Why does cultural competence in health care matter? Discover how a Master of Health Administration helps graduates build culturally competent organizations.

Air pollution caused by industrial smoke stacks.

Environmental Toxins: Health Impacts and the Role of Public Health Professionals

Environmental toxins pose a growing threat, and communities need public health professionals more than ever. Learn how to prepare for a public health career.

A young student solves a math problem on a chalkboard.

Education as a Social Determinant of Health

How is education a social determinant of health? Explore how Tulane University’s Master of Public Health prepares graduates to address factors impacting health.

A farmer tends his crops.

Climate Change and Its Threat to Food Security

Climate change and food security are intertwined issues that are already impacting lives across the globe. Learn more about this topic and how to help.

A therapist holds a notebook and talks to a couple.

Understanding Mental Health as a Public Health Issue

By advocating for prevention and developing effective interventions, public health professionals help individuals and communities combat mental health issues.

Tulane faculty member Dr. Julie Hernandez wearing a protective face mask and plastic face shield while volunteering with a mobile response team.

Tulane University’s COVID-19 Response Hub: Regional and National Resources

Tulane University’s COVID-19 Response Hub includes regional and national COVID-19 resources. Use these COVID-19 resources to stay informed about the pandemic.