Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue

Gun violence — injuries and deaths by firearms — is on the rise in the U.S. Learn what it means to understand gun violence as a public health issue today.

Three people in lab coats look at a computer screen.

How Big Data in Health Care Influences Patient Outcomes

What is big data in health care? How does big data improve patient outcomes? Learn more about the benefits of big data in health care for patients and providers.

A person in scrubs with a stethoscope writes on a pad while people in a clinic receive health care.

What Is Healthcare Equity?

What is healthcare equity? Learn more about equity in health care and how healthcare providers and healthcare administrators can address inequities today.

Close up of two Tulane MPH students conducting field research.

Guide to a Career in Public Health Research

How can public health research solve challenging health problems? Explore how a Master of Public Health prepares graduates to address today’s health inequities.

A person with a laptop has a virtual conference with a person wearing a white physician’s coat.

The Future of Telehealth: Is It Here to Stay?

What is telehealth? What is the future of telehealth post-pandemic? Learn more telehealth benefits and telehealth technology for physical and mental health.

Alpha Phi Alpha member graduates from Tulane congratulate each other

New Agreement Will Pave the Way for More Black Men to Enter the Field of Public Health

Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine has entered into a five-year agreement with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the oldest intercollegiate fraternity for African American college men in the United States, that will streamline the admissions process for the organization’s members.

A masked nurse outside a mobile health clinic.

How Do Mobile Health Clinics Improve Access to Health Care?

What is a mobile health clinic? Learn more about the benefits of mobile clinic services and how mobile clinics are improving patient access to health care.

Two men talking on a bench

Black Americans Must Overcome Mistrust of Vaccines, Urges Dean Thomas LaVeist

With Covid-19 vaccines rolling out, Dr. Thomas A. LaVeist urges Black Americans to move past the historical mistrust of vaccines. Read more here.

A headshot of Tulane professor Dr. Stephen Murphy.

Protecting Public Health in Extraordinary Times: A Conversation With Dr. Stephen Murphy

Dr. Stephen Murphy, assistant professor at Tulane University, examines the public health challenges of the 2020 hurricane season and COVID-19 pandemic.

A student in an aisle of a library building’s stacks holds a textbook while staring at their watch.

Tips for Working Full Time and Going to School: Managing Your Workload

How can students working full time and going to school manage their workload? Explore helpful tips that offset the stress of a full schedule so you can thrive.