Restaurant Safety: How Does the Grading System Work?

Why is the restaurant grading system important, and how does it work? Explore the meaning of restaurant grades, and resources that help ensure restaurant safety.

Why Racism Is a Public Health Issue

Racism limits the ability of people to attain their highest level of health. Learn more about health disparities and why racism is a public health issue.

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How Do Mobile Health Clinics Improve Access to Health Care?

What is a mobile health clinic? Learn more about the benefits of mobile clinic services and how mobile clinics are improving patient access to health care.

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Black Americans Must Overcome Mistrust of Vaccines, Urges Dean Thomas LaVeist

With Covid-19 vaccines rolling out, Dr. Thomas A. LaVeist urges Black Americans to move past the historical mistrust of vaccines. Read more here.

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Protecting Public Health in Extraordinary Times: A Conversation With Dr. Stephen Murphy

Dr. Stephen Murphy, assistant professor at Tulane University, examines the public health challenges of the 2020 hurricane season and COVID-19 pandemic.

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Tips for Working Full Time and Going to School: Managing Your Workload

How can students working full time and going to school manage their workload? Explore helpful tips that offset the stress of a full schedule so you can thrive.

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MPH vs. MHA: Which Degree Is Right for You?

If you’re passionate about helping people and are interested in the health field’s research or business aspects, you may want to consider earning an MPH or MHA.

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Earning a World-Class Degree From the “Middle of Nowhere”: A Conversation With Online MPH Student Allie Cheek

Learn why students like Allie Cheek choose Tulane University’s Online Master of Public Health program for flexibility and excellence to reach career goals.

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"The Time to Be in Public Health": A Conversation With Online MPH Student Leah Cross

Online Master of Public Health student Leah Cross shares her experience with remote learning at Tulane and studying public health during a global pandemic.

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COVID-19 and Vaccines: Dean Thomas LaVeist Discusses Rollout and Case Numbers With the News Media

With the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, our nation still faces significant health risks if not adhering to safety guidelines. Learn more from Dr. Thomas A. LaVeist.

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How to Become a Medical and Health Services Manager

Working in health care can be rewarding in many ways. Medical professionals have meaningful jobs, as they care for patients and their families, contribute to groundbreaking research, and help boost the economy.