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Ken Orie, JD, LLM, DrCL, RN


Ken Orie


Kenneth K. Orie is an environmental public health attorney and a registered nurse. His law practice involves defending clients who suffer harm from environmental pollution. For example, he represented clients affected by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill that occurred in 2010 with lingering public health effects to the present. He also represented clients who suffered harm from exposure to Di-N-Propyl-amine spill in Harvey Louisiana – a litigation that lasted nearly nine years. His research involves framing law and policy models for delivery of sustainable environmental public health. This is evident in his work on land use policies in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; occupational health social policy as encapsulated in the Louisiana Workers’ compensation scheme; and law and policy aspects of managing the Louisiana coastal environment in light of global climate change threats. Orie teaches public health law, occupational laws and compliance, environmental health management, and global climate change: issues in public health policy and governance. Orie also brings his experience as a registered nurse to his students as well as to public health practice in the community.