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Thomas A. LaVeist, PhD



Dean of the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Dr. Thomas LaVeist, is a nationally renowned public health expert and thought leader. As a researcher, Dr. LaVeist is primarily focused on the social and behavioral factors that impact health outcomes, particularly examining health disparities between various ethnicities and how social policy affects the quality of life for African Americans. Through his work, Dr. LaVeist hopes to develop an orienting framework for policies and interventions that close race disparities in health-related outcomes. Dr. LaVeist also holds the Weatherhead Presidential Chair in Health Equity.

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Gerontology and Public Health Policy, University of Michigan

PhD, Medical Sociology, University of Michigan

MA, Sociology, University of Michigan

BA, Sociology, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Thomas A. LaVeist, “Making Equity the Priority”, American Journal of Public Health 111, no. S3 (October 1, 2021): pp. S174-S175. 

Chae, D. H., Yip, T., Martz, C. D., Chung, K., Richeson, J. A., Hajat, A., Curtis, D. S., Rogers, L. O., & LaVeist, T. A. (2021). Vicarious Racism and Vigilance During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Mental Health Implications Among Asian and Black Americans. Public Health Reports, 136(4), 508–517. 

Thomas A. LaVeist, “Katrina’s Lesson: Time to Imagine an After COVID-19”, American Journal of Public Health 110, no. 10 (October 1, 2020): pp. 1445-1445.

Louisiana COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force - co-chair (2020)

Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health Board of Directors - at-large member (2019)

Watkins-Saunders Award - American Health Association/Baltimore (2019)

Population Health Award - National Association of Health Services Executives (2016)

F.H.D.R. (Fellow in Health Disparities Research) W. Montague Cobb/National Medical 

Association Health Institute Senior Fellows (2012)